Community Activities

Fort Severn coordinates many events that include activities such as jigging, flea markets, baseball, shooting competitions, canoe games, Bingo, and other social games for kids, adults, and elders. Fort Severn annual traditional festivals include fishing tournaments, goose hunts, fall caribou hunts, and Christmas Celebrations. The annual Cree festival is celebrated through activities like jigging, baseball, and canoe games. The traditions of Cree peoples are incorporated into all festivals and activities. The Elders council is active in transferring traditional skills to the youth. Community members are on the land on a daily basis as a way of life.

Community Service

Fort Severn is Ontario’s most northerly community. The Wasaho Elementary School provides Cree language and curriculum for students from K-8. Fort Severn students have the option to leave their community to attend High School in urban cities or they can remain in their communities and receive accredited courses from 9-12 through KiHS and WAHSA. The clinic provides emergency, and holistic health services including telemedicine.